High Acuity (ebook)


PRE-ORDER ONLY – Release Date 30th November 2023

It’s hard to restart your life, when the past keeps cutting like a knife…

On returning to his home town of Brisbane, intensive care paramedic, Jonothan Byrne, wants to put his past behind him and forge ahead to a brighter future. But fate conspires against him. A juggernaut of a reunion heads his way, and only he can recognise a chance meeting for what it is: a terrorist plot. Will he be able to thwart their plans, or is he destined to become another victim? The clock is ticking…

Written by an award-winning author, who is also a critical care paramedic, this gripping story is told in real time over thirteen hours from the viewpoint of various characters. On a day that starts with Jono just wanting to fly under the radar, it soon soars out of control, trapping him on a flight towards the unthinkable. So, strap yourself in and stow away your tray tables, you’re in for one hell of a heart-stopping ride!


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