About my stories

Everyone knows a paramedic and all paramedics have a story to tell, it’s how we cope with the sometimes confronting nature of our job. Inevitably, when the yarning starts, the stories we tell are full of embellishments and always served with a heavy dose of dark ambo humour. In an effort to capture the flavour of this tradition, I started writing a series of short stories, each one based on my own frontline experiences, but totally fictionalised to protect all concerned (see Disclaimer).

The plan was to create one story for each of the major AMPDS codes, the system used worldwide to categorise emergency calls. And there are thirty-two codes, so it took me six year to complete! Each story is available as a single eBook, or in one of three eBook collections, with The Complete Collection available as a printed book. I’ve also embarked on a series of novels featuring the same characters, with the first one a murder mystery called Dead Regular, and the subsequent two being action thrillers called Beneath Contempt and High Acuity. You can read the full text of each of the first chapters by clicking ‘Read for Free’, along with two of my short stories. And all of my books can be found under the Purchase menu. Enjoy!

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